NM Conceal Carry

NM Conceal Carry

Dennis Nelson is a firearms instructors for the State of New Mexico certified through the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.  With 8 years of law enforcement experience, he teaches in various aspects of law enforcement.  The CCW class will be instructed by both with a maximum number of students for each instructor set at 10.   This class will be fifteen (15) hours of instruction as per New Mexico State Statue.  Our own Shooting Range will be used for the shooting portion of the instruction and may be more than the allotted time of (15) hours due to the added instruction some new applicants will require as first time shooters.

On the first day of instruction, we will discuss the use and experience of each attendee.  We realize some attendees may have experience with firearms and some may not.  It will be our intention to evaluate each person at this time and develop a plan to help assure the successful completion of our class by each attendee.  Knowledge of firearms, safe handling, as well as storage of firearms will be discussed before the first break.  In the second part of day one, we will discuss safe handgun shooting fundamentals with both semi-automatic weapons as well as a revolver.  All attendees will go to the range for practice with no live rounds being used at this time.

On the second day, we will discuss ways to maintain and improve your shooting skills.  Practice is something that will help aid in the development of your own shooting skills.  Drills will be discussed which can be used daily to aid in your abilities to become not only more comfortable with shooting, but improve your skills and accuracy.   This will lead into techniques that can be used in an effort to resolve non-violent disputes and control those incidents, which become violent.

The legal ramifications and protections will be discussed with attendees to assure they have the knowledge and answers to possible criminal and civil liability they have when using a firearm.  We will finish out the last part of the day completing the required written test and moving to the range where each attendee will need to supply 50 rounds of ammunition for each gun they wish to qualify with.  

We will schedule a class if we have a minimum of 10 students.  If you would like to be put on the list to be notified when a class will be scheduled, CLICK HERE.  We are not sure when the next class will be scheduled however, if you would like to register for the next course, CLICK HERE.  To register, you will need to put a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for the full Conceal Carry class.  For the 2 year requalification, the cost is $25.00 ($10.00 deposit), the recertification class is $50.00 ($20.00 deposit) and the full class is $100.00 ($25.00).  The deposit will be refunded in the event NM Elite Firearms & Training has to cancel the class due to lack of students. 

If you have to cancel, we would request you contact us and let us know.  You can call us, email us, or fill out this cancelation form by CLICKING HERE.