One Day Advanced Pistol Handling

One Day Advanced Pistol Handling

The Advanced Pistol Handling course is eight (8) hours designed to expand on the development, knowledge, and progress with the pistol.  Students will be taught:

Review of Firearms Safety Rules Review of Range Safety Rules Recap of the 7 fundamentals of marksmanship Advanced handgun drawing techniques
Advanced one-handed shooting techniques Advanced loading/reloading techniques Advanced malfunction clearing techniques

Advanced shooting and movements.

Shooting from positions of disadvantage

Low-light Transitions to carbine Confined spaces day/night fire

Each student must bring to the course a handgun, carbine, sling for carbine, holster for the handgun, 400 rounds of handgun ammunition, 100 rounds of carbine ammunition, weapon mounted light, handheld flashlight, ball cap eye protection, and ear protection.  Proper range attire for this course is important.  Make advanced plans for nature's elements (cold weather and rain gear).  No flip-flops, sandals, or open toed shoes.  You will also need some type of belt to better secure your holster to your body.