NM Unarmed Security Guard

This is a 24 hour course to teach the basics needed to perform the essential functions of an unarmed security guard in the State of New Mexico.  The unarmed security guard course does not allow the carrying of any form of "self protection" but is needed to become an armed security guard. 

Obtaining your security guard license in the State of New Mexico should be easy and done with little hassle.  We try to take the worries out of all the application process so you can focus on the training, which is essential to your future career.  New Mexico offers three levels of security guards.  Security Guard I is for those who want to be employed as a security guard but not carry any form of "self protection."  Each person must attend 24 hours of training to prepare you for a career as a security guard.

Level I security guard instruction teaches the student to understand the basic legal responsibilities, qualifications, restrictions, and liabilities of a level one security guard, as well as use of force continuum, appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques, power of detention, New Mexico laws relevant to citizen arrest, appropriate search and seizure techniques, legal restrictions and civil liability, laws relative to New Mexico trespass, manner of communication with local law enforcement, jurisdiction and limits of authority, radio dispatch protocol and other communication tools, image, professional communication, note-taking and report writing, identification of evidence, securing the immediate area, and identifying witnesses and participants.

Level II security guards are required to attend another 24 hours of training to learn self-defense along with the use of force.  Level II security guards carry side handle batons, allowed the use of handcuffs, and may carry a Taser if certified.  Taser certification is a separate 8 hours of instruction not included in the 24 hours required for Level II certification.