NM Armed Security Guard

Level III security guards are trained to carry firearms. There is an additional 24 hours of training to prepare students to carry a firearm and when they can use it. Students will need to have completed Level I and Level II prior to taking this course.

 Proper knowledge of firearm safety, utilization, and proficiency  is a basic, but serious responsibility for ALL law enforcement officers and armed security guards. Firearm safety is as important during during daily activities as during range and training activities.

Level III Security Guards are required to carry, handle and deploy their firearms in a safe manner, whether they are assigned to foot patrol, mobilized patrol, or specialized units within their organizations. Firearms safety rules are developed for training situations that prepare the Security Guard Officer for day to day Operations.

On the first day of class, we will gather all information needed to complete the application for certification as a Level III Security Guard.  Students will need to obtain fingerprints through any 3M Cogent fingerprint location system as well as obtain a psychological exam.