Frequently asked questions

Q. Are your courses for law enforcement only?

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of both law enforcement as well as civilians.  Our goal is to meet the needs of our communities and that includes civilians, businesses, as well as our first responders.  

While there are many topics to cover when it comes to training, we are former law enforcement officers and therefore most of our training was in the field of law enforcement.  We cover topics for civilians from firearms to home security.

Q. Do you offer military or law enforcement discounts?

At this time we do not offer discounts to our courses however, we will be giving a 15% discount to all active and prior military as well as our law enforcement members.  We hope to open our store in the near future which will offer a line of firearms, sporting goods, law enforcement equipment, knives, and other outdoors goods.   

Q. Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders from departments who wish to have members of their agency attend our trainings.  We also accept governmental checks, money orders, debit cards, and most credit cards.  For more information regarding our payments, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Is all your training in Las Vegas, New Mexico

No, we do travel to other areas and offer training when there are facilities available.  For our law enforcement courses, we do have opportunities for agencies to host our courses.  For information regarding hosting a course, please contact Dennis Nelson at 505-425-2808.

Q. Do you have classes for just females?

Yes, we do make special arrangements to perform classes that are for females only.  We have had conceal carry classes that were for females only.  We must have a minimum of 10 students for special courses and a non-refundable deposit from those who are requesting the course is also collected at the time the class is scheduled.

Q. Are your courses accredited?

Most of our courses are accredited with the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.  Our conceal carry course is approved by the New Mexico DPS Conceal Carry Unit, our IR-8000 Certification course is approved by the New Mexico Scientific Laboratory Division, and our Security Guard courses are approved by the New Mexico State Regulation & Licensing Department.  Our civilian courses are not accredited by any agency in New Mexico but are sponsored by the USCAA.