In 2007, my retail management travels ended in a small town, Las Vegas, New Mexico.  I was on site of what was to be another store I was going to open to a small, home-town, community.  It was a task which seemed to be with great hesitation and second thoughts as it was completely out of my realm.  After hiring my two co-managers, Anna and Jake, they helped me shape one of the best teams I would work with in many years.


In 2011, I began pursuing my passion in training.  I wrote my first main course, Child Abuse, and followed that one up with Missing Persons, Amber Alert, Off Highway Vehicles, and Domestic Violence.  I received my next major certification when I became a Firearms Instructor for the State of New Mexico.  It was at this training when I teamed up with Kenneth Stumberg and our friendship grew into a brotherhood.


In 2008, I met with current San Miguel County Magistrate Court Judge, Christian Montano.  Judge Montano was then the deputy chief of police for the City of Las Vegas.  Judge Montano had a vision, a vision in which I just so happen to share.  Creating an environment and atmosphere for our community which would not only help improve community relations but, to develop a team to lead the Police Department into a promising future.


In 2014, I was promoted to a Sergeant with the Mora County Sheriff's Department.  I helped with the training and development of a great department led by newly appointed Sheriff, Amos Espinoza.  The year was a great learning year where I had the opportunity to train another young deputy.  At this time, I had obtained the teaching certification for the IR-8000 (Breath Machine) which would complete all my teaching certifications.


In 2010, I received my first advanced certification in law enforcement when I became a Field Training Officer.  While attending the training course, I became excited and I wanted to transfer my excitement and ambitions to my newly formed family.  I wrote a new Field Training Officer Program to help shape and mold not only the minds of those to come but, to reverse the negativity and perception in our community of us....Police Officers.


In 2016, while attending the New Mexico State Police Academy, I injured my left shoulder.  I continued until the eighth week when an MRI revealed major damage in my shoulder which surgery was required.  After my surgery was completed, my career seemed to be at an end due to the nature of the injury and my age was not helping.  My strong desire to continue to help train and develop other officers, NM Elite Firearms & Training was born.