NM House Bill 93

We are pleased to announce our newest course, Interactions with the Mentally Impaired.  We will be offering a 2 hour, 4 hour and an 8 hour course to help agencies in meeting the requirements of HB 93.

NM Elite Firearms & Training will offer a 2 hour course which will meet the minimum requirements set forth for both law enforcement and communication specialist.  Our two hour course will focus on crisis management and how to handle those who might be dealing with a personal crisis.  This two hour course will cover crisis intervention, confrontation de-escalation scenarios, and proper interaction with persons with mental impairments to meet the minimum requirements for in-service training.  This training will be held in Las Vegas, New Mexico or arrangements can be made for the training to be hosted at your agency.

We will also offer a 4 hour and an 8 hour course which will focus more on confrontation de-escalation scenarios.  This advanced training will help officers prepare for more of the "unknown" which may occur when dealing with those who may be in crisis.  More people are suffering some sort of crisis with everyday stresses.  This compounds the issues we are facing with those who have or continue to suffer from some sort of diagnosis of mental illness.  It is our goal to help officers with the training needed to better understand these issues and how to better prepare to help those in crisis.  The minimum training requirements is only set at two hours however, we believe to help our first responders to better understand and deal with those in crisis, more is better.  If your family member was the one in crisis, what would you hope for from the first responder responding to your home.  Our 4 and 8 hour course will give your officers or tele-communicators more scenarios which will help aid them in both their understanding of how mental illnesses affect people and how to better deal with them.